Monday, May 28, 2012

Princess theme for the 1st birthday

For those who book us at least a week before, 
give us enough time to prepare a banner which has a 
NAME and AGE of a birthday Boy/ Girl. 
you can see here the personalized banner as opposed to the general one "happy birthday"
when we say personalized banner we refer to the one has a name and age i.e 'happy 3rd birthday Pearl' or 'happy 1st birthday christebele'

Kids likes photos, even better when they have a backdrops set for them

See you soon at your daughter's / son's birthday or any event

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Monday, May 21, 2012


in this one a lot have taken place already, either way you can see the touch of Minnie mouse table cover, napkins, cups & banners

The backdrop: where all kodak moments takes place

Where all the Games (Slides,Swinging,Jumping) took place

They say less is more , 
I guess few pics are enough for today.
see you soon at your son / daughter's party 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


kid's sitting 

         THE party      

                    Come RAIN Come SUN kids are covered!

             This was a First Birthday Party!
kodak moment

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Monday, May 7, 2012

To YOU all Gorgeous, Fabulous, Larger than life Mom

To you all gorgeous, beautiful, fabulous moms;
You are a blessing
You are powerful
You give and protect life.
How many times have you had sleepless nights? and you don't complain
I am a mom of two beautiful kids so i know how it feels
I know what it is to be a mom, is beyond giving birth.
I am very proud of you, proud of my own mom and of myself for being a mom we are!
"we rock this world"
Smile big and hard because we are LARGER THAN LIFE 
HBHB Managing Partner 

Just love it !

Went through my archive and saw this, i was like..awwww... no word but... PERFECT...and all close to it. Seeing these beautiful angelic faces makes me feel joy, stress free, and all the time reminds me why i do this business. 
Kids aint that demanding, they just want simple things, play, be happy and all the time stay healthy thats all.
I feel so honored that every time i meet the like faces and how excited they become seeing playing item set at their backyard ready for them to roll on.
I just love children and can't help it!

"Children are people let us make them Happy and Healthy!"- Chaba