Monday, October 31, 2011

The PHOTOcake ..... The LOGO cake!!

Who else does the photocake if not HBHB??.
We do corporate logos too.
place your order now

HBHB Team wishes 8020fashions more success and boom to head to 10 years and beyond!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Backdrops! more choices for theme decor

For lilttle ones winnie the pooh

  ARE you Hanna Montana die hard? this is for you

BEN 10: this is for you boy

       Dora it is!!: Large scene setter

                                                    kids size for photoshoot

They are magnificent !!, can be used both for photoshoot and as event scene setter.  You have our namba and email just book this for your lovely ones.
We actually have more themes.

REMEMBER: Age and Gender matters alot while selecting a theme for your lovely ones.

THEME decor have full party pieces; hats,cups,plates,tablecover,baloons,napkins,
folk,spoons,invitation cards,n more.

make statement... with colorful choices

                                                     picture speak louder than words
Events is about making statement: imagine these beautiful colorful tents to brighten up your kids party in your garden,
;tents can be a centrepiece of event;
they are here in town just call us 0757 022 884

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

how old is your kid / or the invitees?

YES, how old are they? as you see the picture we have different size of chairs for kids
AGE:1 -4yrs, 5-9yrs, 10-15yrs

WE HAVE BLUE, GREEN, RED AND YELLOW tables and chairs....just for theme and gender.

....our business is to make kids happy and special,

with HBHB no more hanging legs we have perfect chairs and table for the size of your kid (s).

How caring this is!

Monday, October 24, 2011

the little princess package

the cake
backdrop for photoshoot
mini house
            Girls are princeses and like to imitate mothers, in the kitchen, dressing tables etc.... let them live the dream with this,
can accommodate five girls at once.
      it has kitchen accessories, telephone, mirror for dressing oneself , its so cute!

The princess package has; a mini house, backdrop for photoshoot, plates, table cover, cups, invitation cards, tiara n lots more. And as for your choice and budget the package has a manicure, as you know princesses are posh.
we can go any length to make kids happy .

call for hire and will be at your service

big bowl full of balls

Forget about swiming in the water; in the balls feels like heaven.
kids enjoy this to bits... ...a happy baby is a healthy baby
make your kid happy and avoid seeing the doctors

Saturday, October 15, 2011

You don't need a CROWN to be a KING / QUEEN

"the photo cake"

Yes of course your kid doesnt need a blue blood to be royal, you can make him / her one on her/his big days. When she / he grows up and see the photo will appreciate how blessed she / he is with the BEST PARENT in the whole wide world.
Sorry guys the moment i put it down everybody was running to have a piece of it ....i couldn't even capture it before cut, but I don't blame them the CAKE is absolutely tempting.
You can have one for your kid(s) too just call us.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Face painting it is!

  "to entertain the kid doesn't need a million" 
need i say more?

we do provide this service too.

party favors / give-aways / goodies bag .... name it!

A party favor: is a small gift given to the guests at a party as a gesture of thanks for their attendance etc.
For small social gatherings such as birthday parties, guests may receive a simple and inexpensive favor such as a small toy. In some cases guests might receive a small "gift bag" with a handful of favors toys or trinkets, candy, pencils or other small gifts.
Party favors may also refer to ephemeral items which help partygoers celebrate, but which are not meant to be lasting souvenirs. Examples include but are not limited to party hats, balloons, noisemakers, blowouts (paper tubes that unroll when blown into), Christmas crackers and confetti.
we do provide this service too just press your order atleast 7days before time.

What about little invitees...TODDLERS!!



                                                                SMALL JUMPY

  The ideal of a party is everyone to be accomodated, enjoy and have the very best moment. NOW LET US FACE IT; we tend to remember the big ones what about these poor little invitees who needs support and cant keep up with the grown ups? THINKING OF IT;  we came up with something jumpy yet protective enough.

Unless you want them bored or stepped-on in a big jumpy,
if you don't
This cutey  small jumpy is perfect fit for four toddlers at once.
HIRE HBHB we are very considerate we believe
"Children are People" 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

THE CONFIDENCE playing item ......swing and slide .......yeeepiii

I took it from far because didnt wish to expose the kids
(see the closer look below)
swing and slide for BIG kids

swing and slide for small kids:
As mobile as they look,You can hire any of these two;
very healthy for kids to enjoy the movement of the wind, at the same time this play is perfect for boosting child's confidence. As you can see the small is safe and age appropiate for 1yr to 4yrs old; fits both indoor and outdoor events.
And the big one can accomodate up to 13years old; suitable for outdoors.

THE CURIOUS playing item...its mobile and your kid can enjoy this too


Kids enjoys playing items that are like puzzle and makes them curious.  Its healthy for kids to play while making their brain active. There are more games than jumping.

its all about PARTY PIECES !!

spoons and folks
napkins of all characters

                                          the plates of all colors and character

                                          the balloons of all kind and characters

the candles of all kind , for girls, for boy, big numbers and small numbers perfect for cupcakes. We have them all. Just ring our namba or email us.

kwa wasiohitaji party kubwa or perhaps the event is taking place at your kid school, you can still get these goodies angalau yeye na rafiki zake wavae kofia, mask, cups and all other part pieces. just ring us ...very affordable and plenty too