Sunday, October 30, 2011

Backdrops! more choices for theme decor

For lilttle ones winnie the pooh

  ARE you Hanna Montana die hard? this is for you

BEN 10: this is for you boy

       Dora it is!!: Large scene setter

                                                    kids size for photoshoot

They are magnificent !!, can be used both for photoshoot and as event scene setter.  You have our namba and email just book this for your lovely ones.
We actually have more themes.

REMEMBER: Age and Gender matters alot while selecting a theme for your lovely ones.

THEME decor have full party pieces; hats,cups,plates,tablecover,baloons,napkins,
folk,spoons,invitation cards,n more.

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  1. what do you use to hold the scene setter? is it plywood?