Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby shower theme !!

                                         this mom to-be theme is special
                                 for first time mom

                                                               the invitation cards
            this baby nursery theme can be for both
                first and second time mom             

                                                                      foil balloon

Thinking of it I realised baby isnt only celebrated when is born, even when is expected too,  right? then why not a baby shower in a style ...your kid deserve all the attension possible thats why we decide to add as a complimentary product for expectants!
we have two themes for you
baby nursery &
mom to be.

ITEMS for each theme includes: plates,cups,napkins,table covers,balloons,knife,spoons,folks,invitation cards, tiara, decoration set, centre piece, n more.
The whole set up will be the theme of your choice.

most of time in baby showers kids are invited too (or let me say mothers bring their kids),
 so don't forget a bouncy castle for them too.

with HBHB 'Chidren are People"

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