Wednesday, February 1, 2012

little star

The story about our little star today is; Two months ago while he was only four months he got burn... a severe burn from head down to his lower back. You couldn't look at him twice. Every one was crying and shaking, no where to hold him, but he was calm and stable, he didn't cry much and whenever he felt a bit better he manage to smile and do his little mischief. He was totally fearless and gave us hope though you could see pain in his eyes. while Doctors told us he would stay at the hospital at least two months to recover, he surprised us; stayed only two weeks. it was a miracle! He conquered pain ! That's why we say he is full of life...
and he is always camera ready....just pick your camera and see how alert he become. He is six months now! 
Asante sana Mungu umekuwa mwema sana kwetu! 


  1. Love U Lee,from aunt L.

    Keep rocking always.kisses....

  2. We love you Lee! May God bless you always.

  3. the first time i show my baby girl a photo of Lee, she called him DIBA, I dont know why, so since then I call him DIBA..............Kisses and Hugs to DIBA...from Mama Lexie

    1. Thanks Mama Lexie! Diba send his love and kisses to dada Lexie...
      XoXo Mama Diba

  4. awww thats so cute to hear , thanks mama Lexie, am sure mama Lee will be delighted with that new name DIBA! like it.