Monday, October 29, 2012

FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY and "The Ben High Chair Decor"

Your baby's First Birthday is bound to be special, its a milestone for all of you (baby and parents)
HB KISEVENTS is here to make even more wonderful and memorable by having a special theme for FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!

It is much important to celebrate, First Birthday marks a significant event in your baby's growth, it seems like yesterday you were holding him/her within no time has turn ONE!and start exploring the World ....! God is so Amazing!

HB-KIDSEVENTS is here to make it easy, special and memorable for you and your baby! 
Tunatambulisha rasmi our signature 1st birthday setup 
the "Ben high chair decor"

We do understand kids have different needs; hence every time we come up with new ideas.
 (This is for the boys, see Maleekha's 1st birthday for the girls) 

"Sisi ni Wabunifu na Waanzilishi" as we believe Children are People!
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