Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A 5th Birthday ; Princess theme.

This weekend we had amazing time to be at the service of Princess Jane, she was turning Five ! So, it had to be grand!! 
We did not disappoint

The birthday girl in her throne, she loves Yellow and Pink! 
This family has been blessed with So much Love !! 

Singing with her friends; few who accepted to sit, some were busy playing.

 kids can have not only a theme of their choice but with a lot of games from us.
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Time to make a wish; she said "She wish to love her mom and dad forever" it was very emotional for everyone who was there.
 Very young but with so much love and beautiful heart !

                       The parents

"That moment"
proud parent feeding her some more love in the form of a cake.

A princess party without a play house? No way! 

 Kid's can have theme of their choices and various games from HB Kids Events 

Call us 0713 49 11 51
Email : hbhb@kidsevents.blogspot.com

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